False Lashes

One of my guilty pleasures is watching a few Bravo reality TV shows.  And in watching these shows, I see a lot of high maintenance people.  And I’m not judging, it is just not me.  But it is fascinating to me how much beauty and up-keep are a part of people’s lives.  These shows make it seem like Botox is practically a requirement.  And false eyelashes seem to now be a part of everyday makeup application.

I am a low maintenance person when it comes to makeup.  But sometimes I will try out new techniques to use on special occasions.   With BPES, makeup can be tricky, as I discussed in my smoky eye story.  But I am curious about false eyelashes.  I like my eyelashes, but they are very thin.  Looking at my face, I am assuming that if I add bulk to my eyelashes, it will just make my eyes look smaller.  It also freaks me out that they stick on.  I feel like since my eye shape is unique, they probably would not fit on very well.  After watching a how-to video, it does appear that the length can be cut to adjust for size, but I also wonder about getting the proper curvature.

I decided to check on SnapChat to see if they happened to have a filter which would give me a clue as to whether false eyelashes are something I should explore.  Here is one filter that enhanced the lashes:


To me, this picture does confirm that the taller thicker lashes make my eyes appear smaller.  Obviously this is not the same as the real thing, which I may still try, but this at least gives me an idea.


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