Came through drooping

Call me old fashioned or totally not with it, but I hate selfies. I just never really got the point. Now selfies, wefies, and groupfies are embedded in our daily vocabulary. A deep inner part of my soul still flinches whenever I see a selfie or when I myself partake in this now hackneyed ritual of our daily lives. I am fortunate to be able to travel often. I don’t really care for social media, but I do find a few platforms useful for sharing my adventures with close family and friends. As I live so far from loved ones, posting photos is a great way to stay connected even if I don’t get to share the mundane pleasures, like grabbing a glass of wine with my best friend on a weeknight or meeting friends to gab and catch up over brunch on a weekend. It seems that people just enjoy seeing pictures of YOU and the various sites from your travels, rather than just pictures of the sites and landmarks themselves. I have been better about taking selfies, even though my stomach clenches whenever I pause to take a photo. Remember when it used to be considered so self indulgent when someone took their own picture (it did – I promise you)? Now it is so commonplace. Lately, I started to notice in my pictures that one of my eyes is opening wider than the other. I haven’t been traveling recently, but I have been spending lot so time on video chats. I am worried my eyes are uneven and one appears to be drooping (not again!). One of my biggest reservations about having my surgery was that I might have to have it again as over time the interventions would wear out. I am not sure if I have been rubbing my eyebrows too much and I am doing damage to my slings from surgery, or if my muscles are already giving out. I had to look it up, but I think I had my surgery in 2012. I am paranoid. I thought if anything started to droop, it would happen 20 years later. I know I should go to the eye doctor, but finding a new doctor who understands my condition is such a process, especially in a foreign country that is a little knife happy when it comes to surgeries. Maybe I just need to chill and let my forehead muscles relax a bit…

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