Time marching across your face

I have always been a Sex and the City fan. I remember when the show first came out and it was scandalous! As society and norms forever evolve, I think people lose sight of how revolutionary the show was when it first came out on HBO in 1998. It has been interesting to watch Sarah Jessica Parker’s trajectory over the last few decades, raising the classic question – can she ever shake being typecast as Carrie Bradshaw? I have been amazed over the years of how healthy and fit SJP continues to be as more and more time passes from that first episode almost 20 years ago. No matter how amazing these famous folks look as the years pass, there’s one tell tale sign that time is marching on – their eyes. SJP’s eyes show her age. For whatever reason it struck me one day that the best way for me to tell pictures of her between the early years of Sex and the City and now are via her eyes. In more recent photos, she looks just as great as she did in 1998, but her eyes are much more deep set and sunken in.

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day and noticed that I too was showing my age via my eyes. With BPES, I’ve never had bags under my eyes or wrinkles in my eyelids, in part because my eyes aren’t as deep set as the average person. I just don’t have skin to wrinkle around my eyes. Even with smaller, shallower pupils, my eyes still somehow managed to age. I am fascinated by this. I continue to try to dissect what about my and SJP’s eyes makes us look “older.”  In the words of Dolly Parton’s character Truvy in the movie Steel Magnolias,  “Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it is marching across your face.” BPES or not, we cannot deny the passage of time (across our faces!).


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