BPES Pride

It’s summer time so, in addition to whatever summer might mean to you, that means it’s PRIDE SEASON! We can represent over here on BPESisters with our own slightly different type of pride. BPES pride that is! I am not on social media, but I am being a bit sneaky, living vicariously through my sister’s membership in the BPES Facebook group that she writes about here. This week she shared with me a picture of a young girl with BPES wearing a t-shirt she made to celebrate her BPES. I had to laugh! A few years ago when our brother found out that we had BPES, my sister mentions on other pages of the site how our mom was so upset. To turn her distress into something positive, I invented a secret family club to celebrate our condition. It was a “if life gives you lemons…” type approach mixed with my penchant for irony and sarcasm. Along with our club, I had BPES t-shirts made to celebrate our crew. I still think my mom has a secret dream that we all go to Disney World with matching family t-shirts. Maybe this was a subtle BPES nod to that fantasy. In any case, even though I am not even on Facebook, learning about other people in the community via my sister has actually been surprisingly validating. I am tickled that someone else with BPES was like f* it – I’m going to make a shirt celebrating my condition. Flaunt that BPES pride. Fantastic.

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