I just can’t win

Happy autumn! Things have been busy around here. You might have guessed from my sister’s recent posts that I am on the move again. She was helping me earlier last month get settled into my new home. With the move came another round of getting new IDs. Last month I had to register to get my identity card for my new home. Being in an Asian country, I assumed I would have no issues with being told to open my eyes for my ID picture. I’ve shared on previous pages how annoying my recent passport renewal process had been due to my small eye shape. You can challenge my line of thinking here, but people of Asian decent tend to have smaller shaped eyes, so I assumed and hoped being in an Asian country for this set of photos, my photographer would be sympathetic to my eye shape and I’d have no issues. Well! The world never ceases to surprise. When I went to get my ID taken, the photographer had to retake my photo twice, instructing me that my eyes weren’t open wide enough. Clearly even in Asia, I am not safe! BPES problems abound. It was humbling and a good experience for perspective setting. Even though many people THINK I am of Asian decent based on my BPES, it was a good reminder of something I have always fought for as a woman with BPES – BPES and Asian ancestry are two distinct features.  When I was in college, I felt like I was forever battling people to remind them I was not Asian and my BPES was completely unrelated to ethnicity. I got my ID and no harm was done, other than a nice reality check that it seems people with BPES have the unique challenge of not being able to open their eyes wide enough for passport and identity card photos. Ha!

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