Solitary Confinement

For me, this is Day 7 of being home to slow the spread of Covid-19.   I am so used to working with people all day that being in isolation has just been a huge adjustment.  I have been trying to exercise and fight off boredom.  I made a list of a ton of things to do during this time, and little by little, I am going through it.   So far some things I’ve done are: finishing a book, going to see the cherry blossoms, taking the Census survey, cleaning out a drawer, doing a yoga video, and watching a movie.

It’s funny, on my list was ‘write a blog post’ and obviously, I have plenty of time to do it.  But what I realized is, since I’ve been home, I really have nothing going on that relates to BPES.  I am just here trying not to go crazy, and only leaving the house to go for a walk or get groceries.

But I guess that is the good thing about BPES.  It doesn’t really affect my health or immune system.  I can just worry about washing my hands and keeping a 6 foot distance with strangers.   And for that, I am grateful.


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