Feel the Burn

With BPES, a unique issue I have is that since my eyelids don’t open all of the way, they are more exposed to the sun.  This is something that most other people don’t have to worry about as much.  I have learned the hard way several times that I need to always take the time to put sunscreen on my eyelids.

Those times I have forgotten or not put on sunscreen carefully enough, my eyelids have turned bright pink.  It almost appeared as though I had on pink eye shadow.  They became hot and swollen, which made it even harder for me to keep them open.

I tried to find a picture that would illustrate this, but I could only find one where you can kind of see.  Shockingly, I did not allow my picture to be taken when I was badly burned. 😉  This picture was taken 13 years ago at Daytona Beach, FL.  It is hard to see my eyelids, but it is clear that I have a sunburn (also see my earlier post about how awkwardly hats fit on my head).  If you look closely, you can see how my eyes are barely opened. This is a result of swelling from burned eyelids.

100_0016 (2)

But having this happen a couple of times was enough, and I am very careful now.  I have learned to apply sunscreen to the eyelids very meticulously, because trying to rush it has resulted in getting lotion in my eyes, causing them to sting.  I found another picture from a more recent trip to Sarasota, FL where you can see a slight sunburn on my face, but my eyelids are unscathed and my eyes are open to admire the gorgeous sunset!




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