Now that summer is here, and I try to keep my sensitive skin from scorching in the sun, I am reminded of my constant struggle to properly shade my head.

It is really hard finding hats and sunglasses that look right on my face. Between my small eyes, the structure of my nose and the fact that I have one ear that sits up slightly higher than the other, it seems like nothing works. I can sometimes get a visor or a bucket hat to work, but I have yet to find something that I love.

Here is me with a visor, and a hat:


Even Snapchat filters with sunglasses don’t look quite right:

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve tried many different types of sunglasses, but I’ve been forced to accept that kids sunglasses are too small, and adult sunglasses are too big for my face.  I do have a pair that are too big for my face that I can use if I really need to shade my eyes.  I’m sure if I keep trying, maybe someday I will find ones that fit, but for now I have given up haha. I guess I’ll just file it under #bpesproblems.



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