Lost my “Bit mojo”

Recently Bitmoji had a message pop up asking me to update my avatar to the new look.  I was like sure, why not and clicked on it.  As I was going through, I picked out a new hair style and a new face shape, and then I got to the eye page.

There are 9 options for eye shape and they all look almost the same to me. The shape just changes slightly but they are all the same size:


Since I have BPES and very narrow eyes, I just didn’t see an option that even comes close to what I have.  I selected one the best I could and moved on.  When I looked at the eye size option, it appears to just be for the pupil:



Now I know Bitmoji are just silly caricatures, but it is interesting to me how there is a lot more variety in some of the other categories, like hair.   And I think my new version does look like me, it is just that I am not used to seeing an image of myself with larger eyes.  I guess I will just have to wait until future updates to see if they change up the eye options.


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