Must be the BPES

Until we learned about BPES, I never realized that my nose was a little different. I always thought I just had small eyes, never realizing that some of my other facial features were also a little bit different as well. I focus a lot on my eyes on these pages, in part because this is what people commented on so much when I was a kid. It is the most visibly obvious difference and our childhood experiences have such a profound impact on our psyche. Another visual indicator of BPES is a flattened nasal bridge. My eyes are farther spaced apart, which can help to contribute to the “buttoned eyed” or “teddy bear” look.

Now that we know we have BPES, it explains a lot, like our ears, nose, and eyes as well as the secondary amenorrhea. I have been having so many issues with my eustachian tubes, it’s got me wondering… are there other issues I have that are due to my BPES? We thought it was so funny that having small eyes and infertility were related. Sometimes I think I associate small bodily annoyances that I can’t explain with BPES. I have no idea why my ears always seem to pop and I am extremely susceptible to getting water in my ears. Is there something wrong with me? Am I being paranoid? Or is this some other BPES thing? Who knows!I want to know what is up with my ears. In running through all the possible explanations, BPES crosses my mind. Unfortunate that with my personality, I love to understand the “why” behind something – to the point that my inquisitive nature can drive others crazy. Blame it on the BPES.


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