Are you two sisters?

This week my sister and I are together on vacation! We are having a wonderfully relaxing  week and taking some  much needed time to unwind and spend time  together. We noticed throughout our travels this week, no one has commented on how we look alike or asked us where we are from. It’s been marvelous!

During high school we both worked in the same place in a family owned business that consisted of three different stores. Oftentimes customers would go between stores and think we were twins working  in two different locations. It drove us nuts because while yes, it is pretty clear we are sisters, due to our eyes, we think we look nothing alike. Whenever people ask us if we are sisters or ask more about our eyes, it can be annoying. Sometimes we’d think, can I order a cup of tea without having to answer personal questions for a total stranger?!

This week it was so refreshing to not have people ask about us or our appearance at all. It makes our trip all the more enjoyable.


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