Wine Time

I just got back from an amazing relaxing vacation, and have been fighting jet lag this week, so the post is a bit late.  I had a great time in the Douro Valley in Portugal.  I had no idea how stunning the landscape would be.  It was just such a peaceful place.   I love living my life in a city, but it is great to vacation in a tranquil environment.

I have always loved traveling and am proud of how many places I have managed to visit.  I can’t help but think that if I had kids, I most likely would not have been able to go to many of these places.  I still can’t believe how lucky I am that I just got back from a spa in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and had the opportunity to do wine tours of these amazing mountainside vineyards.  Just look at this view!


It is times like these that I embrace the positive side of being infertile as part of having BPES.  I can’t imagine my life without travel.  I already have my next destination planned for later on this summer…stay tuned!


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