Frozen eggs part deux

Even though my sister and I are very close, this website is such a fun project because we learn so much about the other’s  perspective on BPES. We don’t typically talk about our BPES because it really doesn’t affect us all that much. Many times we are learning about the other’s  experiences and opinions for the first time as we read each other’s posts. So much fun!

In her last post, my sister talked about other young women with BPES freezing their eggs. That blew my mind! I’m grateful our condition wasn’t fully discovered until the late 90s so this was never an option for us. I appreciate parents trying to give their kids options. Personally, I’d feel too much of a weight on my shoulders if I had frozen eggs as an adult. What if you didn’t want kids , and here you have the eggs that your mom had frozen for you. Crazy! That’s a life question I’m grateful that I personally don’t have to answer.


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