Color Me Bad

I have been a Rihanna fan for a long time.   I follow her on Instagram, and I love when she posts her outfits and snapshots from events that she attends.  Over the past year, she launched a makeup brand called Fenty Beauty.  I love that her brand is very inclusive and offers a wide variety of different shades for every skin tone.

Recently Rihanna posted about a new eye palette that is coming out called Moroccan Spice:


These colors look so fun, but it makes me sad because I just can’t get bold colors to look right on my eyes.  The only one I could maybe pull off is “Mo’rockin Ice.”

Normally I forget that I have BPES, but every once in a while, something like this pops up in front of me and reminds me that I do have some limitations.  As I have posted about before, I find that pretty much only white eye shadow seems to work on my face, because my eyes and eyelids are so small.  Anything darker than white overtakes my eyes and seems to make them look even smaller.

Obviously this limitation is superficial, and I am grateful to be healthy.  And I can still enjoy her other products, like foundation and lip gloss.  But I can’t help wistfully staring at these great colors.


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